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“Speak, Listen, Learn,”

“Speak, Listen, Learn,”

“Speak, Listen, Learn,”

“Speak, Listen, Learn,”

“Speak, Listen, Learn,”


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Speech Teach

Welcome to Speech Teach!

“Teaching your child to: Speak, Listen, Learn

Speech Language Pathology Brisbane Speech Therapy and Speech Assessment

Are you concerned about your child or teenager's:

      • Speech
      • Listening, understanding, following directions
      • Ability to use words and make sentences
      • Reading, spelling
      • Ability to use good listening, speaking and body language to make friends and talk to adults
      • Social skills
      • Are you a teacher, member of the clergy or have another occupation and experiencing voice problems?

Speech Teach Can Help!

Speech Teach aims to provide high quality, caring, fun and enjoyable assistance to children and adolescents with all types of speech, language and literacy problems.

Speech Teach's speech-language pathologist is also a registered and experienced classroom and special education teacher.

Julie Lewis B.A.(UQ);Grad.Dip.Teach.(Prim) (QUT);B.Ed.St.(UQ);Grad.Dip.Comm.Teach.(Griffith);M.Ed.St.(UQ);B.Sp.Path.(UQ); Grad.Cert.Rsch.Mthds. (UQ).


Contact: Julie Lewis

Mobile: 0419 715 953

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